Manage customer relations effectively with Lab Event

In the event industry, every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to create a memorable experience. Your customers expect you to meet their needs and expectations, which can sometimes involve complex interactions and information. Keeping track of customer relations can quickly become a real challenge. That’s where Lab Event comes in, as a CRM solution to simplify and optimize the follow-up of customer relations, while allowing you to concentrate on creating your finest events.

❓ A common problem in the event industry: keeping track of customer relations

When every event is unique and every customer has specific needs, it’s crucial to maintain constant, personalized communication. However, the growing complexity of interactions and information can quickly complicate this process. You’re not alone in this, many event companies are struggling to effectively monitor customer relationships while delivering exceptional experiences.

💡Lab Event: The Solution to customer relationship tracking

As a CRM specifically designed for events professionals, Lab Event offers a range of features that simplify and optimize customer relationship management. They include :

Interaction Monitoring

With Lab Event’s interaction tracking features, you can record and track every point of contact with your customers. From phone calls to e-mails. This enables you to personalize your interactions even further and maintain lasting relationships with your customers.

Automatisation pour rappel client sur Lab Event

Customer data centralization

Lab Event lets you centralize all your customer information in one accessible place. Details of past interactions, special requests and comments are organized and available at any time, helping your team to have a complete view of every customer. Thanks to a global history, you can track the progress of your customer relationships in real time, and keep an eye on payments made.

Champs personnalisés clients
Interaction avec le client

Reminders and automation

Lab Event eliminates the risk of forgetfulness by allowing you to set reminders for follow-ups and actions to be taken. This automation gives you the power to trigger an action, freeing up your time to focus on the most important and strategic interactions.

Suivi des activités avec le client

Customization and continuous improvement

Lab Event adapts to your unique needs. By adjusting the platform to your processes and adding custom fields to structure pages according to customer type. In this way, you can better meet your customers’ specific requirements.


In conclusion, customer relationship management is an essential element of success in the events industry. With Lab Event, you can overcome these challenges by centralizing customer data, efficiently tracking interactions, using reminders and automation, and personalizing your approach. You can offer exceptional customer service while streamlining your internal processes, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable events and growing your business in a competitive market.

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