How can you remove your sales conversion rate?

The sales conversion rate is a key performance indicator for any company. It measures the ability to convert prospects into customers. A low conversion rate can have a negative impact on a company’s growth and profitability. In this article, we’ll look at how Lab Event software can help improve this transformation rate.

Don’t forget customer requests

The first step in improving your conversion rate is to keep customer requests in mind. It’s essential to process all incoming requests promptly and to ensure that they are all followed up. With Lab Event, all customer requests are centralized and organized in one place. Sales staff can easily see all pending requests and their status. They can also assign tasks to other team members if necessary. This makes it easy to ensure that all customer requests are handled and followed up.

“Automate your reminders”

automation task reminder

Responding quickly to customers

Speed of response is another key element in improving the sales transformation rate. Potential customers expect a fast, precise response to their requests. With Lab Event, sales staff can easily respond to customer queries from a centralized platform. Email templates save writing time, while sales proposals can be generated in just a few clicks. Sales staff also have access to an organized product catalog, enabling them to quickly find the information they need to respond to customer requests.

“Improve your sales transformation rate”.


“Assign tasks to your collaborators”

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Managing reminders

Reminders are a key element in improving sales conversion rates. It’s important to regularly call back potential customers to help them move forward in the buying process. However, keeping track of reminders can be tedious and time-consuming. With Lab Event, reminders are automated and managed centrally. Sales reps can easily see which reminders are pending and which have been carried out. This ensures that reminders are not forgotten, and that every potential customer is followed up regularly.

“Create your own e-mail templates

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Statistics to track performance

Finally, to improve the sales transformation rate, it is important to monitor performance. With Lab Event, it’s possible to track performance by channel or source of demand, by salesperson, and so on. This enables us to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of conversion. This information can then be used to adapt sales strategy and improve conversion rates.



Improving your sales transformation rate is a major challenge for any company. Using Lab Event, sales staff can manage customer requests more effectively, automate reminders, respond quickly to customers and track their performance. This increases the chances of converting prospects into customers. If you’re looking to improve your sales transformation rate, Lab Event can help you achieve your goal.

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