Gestion evenements pour office du tourisme

Michel is the director of an event agency with 5 project managers.

Her issue

He encounters problems in assessing the work of his collaborators because he does not have a global view of their projects and therefore does not know their progress. He doesn’t know if the distribution of tasks is efficient and if they are behind schedule without him asking his teams.

Our solution

By using Lab Event, Michel can monitor the work of his teams in real time, and his teams are also more efficient. Lab Event allows :

  • to work together on the same event. Also, if a collaborator is absent or sick, it is very simple to replace him or her and to resume the project in progress.
  • the agency manager to control his teams. He can see the progress of each project thanks to the pipeline and follow the tasks of each collaborator
  • the agency manager to follow the evolution of his company’s turnover thanks to the statistics tab. Detailed statistics are proposed and evolve directly.
  • to assign tasks to his collaborators in order to share the work, tasks that they will find as soon as they connect to their space.
  • offer your customers an invitation system for participants to events through the creation of personalized mini sites and management of hotels and activities.
  • To create the estimate then the invoice related to an event directly from the page of this one for a maximum clarity; with a follow-up of this one
  • To follow the evolution of the availability of the places and providers partners thanks to calendars evolving in real time

“I am now able to manage projects and have detailed figures on the performance of my team. This makes it easier for me to adjust our strategy with the goal of increasing our revenue.”

Our clients’ testimonials: