Gestion evenements pour office du tourisme

Sophie is in charge of the Group, Business Tourism and Conventions section of a tourist office in France. She manages a team of 2 project managers.

The issue

She receives many requests from groups, has to answer them in time, has to help her team and satisfy the members of the tourist office.

She has difficulty evaluating the work of her team, she does not have an overview of the progress of the projects and therefore does not know if her team is performing well.

She doesn’t know if the project managers have fallen behind without asking them in person.

Our solution

Thanks to Lab Event, Sophie can manage customer requests and ask her members about their availability in just 3 clicks. She can monitor the work of her teams in real time and they are up to 40% more efficient! This monitoring allows her to directly influence her teams by advising them quickly!


Lab Event allows :

  • to manage a database of members and to be able to question the members (places, restaurants, hotels, technical providers, shuttles…)
  • to follow all the events in the same place and to know where his project managers are in real time
  • In 3 clicks, ask a selection of members about their availability or their prices and even request a quote
  • to better manage its team because it sees in real time the delays on the various tasks related to the events
  • To manage absences by transferring the tasks of the worker who cannot complete them

“We can respond to all the requests from groups interested in our destination and in a timely manner. As a result, we win more bids, which generates more business for our members who are delighted!”

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