Many places asked us for a software to manage their activities, their estimates/invoices… we did it! Lab Event is born !

An event management software dedicated to venues !

The software allows you to :

  • Optimize and plan the rental of your Spaces
  • Increase your revenue
  • Better manage your clients
  • Organize more events in less time
Lab event event management software

A tool totally dedicated to your business

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Update your availability calendar to optimize your room occupancy.

Create your event and view its progress in a few minutes.

Optimize the management of your database while providing a seamless follow-up to your clients. Find a complete history of your exchanges.

Simplify invoice creation: turn your quotes into invoices or use templates, all in a few clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the trial period last?

The trial period for the Lab Event / Lab Venue software is 1 month. It is free and without obligation.

We don’t ask you for a credit card number or anything 🙂

How does the no obligation trial period work?

We will accompany you during this period. We will do with you meetings of parameter setting / onboarding.

We will discuss the following topics with you:


  • your clients
  • your client exchanges
  • your events
  • your providers and their locations/performances

8 advantages of using Lab Event

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Better manage your requests

Make better and more relevant proposals to your clients thanks to the history of requests, events and services offered.

In the blink of an eye, have visibility on your entire schedule, locally or remotely.

Know your customers better

Follow your customers in detail and never forget important dates (call for tenders, anniversary…)

Look at their request history and use the quote history to make the right pricing.

Multiply your revenue

Spend more time on consulting and client relations, less on administration and proposals creation and quotes due to a 100% customized tool and the automation of quotes and invoices creation

Sell MORE with the integration of a marketplace that allows you to offer outsourced services

Manage more events in less time

Save 80% of time on the entire value chain (briefing, search for external service providers, proposals creation, quotes editing and invoices)

No re-keying of information! You enter the information once and you can use it on all your client and supplier documents: request for quotation, sending a proposal…

Store everything in one place

Your client, event, provider and invoice vault allows you to access information securely at any time.

Follow your requests better due to the reminders and the centralization of information.

More flexibility in daily work

Facilitate recruitment (internal, freelance) by giving them access to important data to manage their activities

Access all your files, information in your office or at an event.

Digitalize your marketing

Improve internal communication between teams thanks to centralized data and shared task management.

Allow your teams to work remotely by having at their disposal an ergonomic and user-friendly tool with all the necessary information.

... and much more

A single tool to manage your events from briefing to billing, no more multiple licenses to pay.

Time saved on all your actions… and time is money!

Follow the purchases made with the providers and renegotiate the best conditions (financial, payment terms, margin)

No more Excel calculation errors: no more waste of time and money thanks to the budget module that calculates everything for you

Focus on your real added value: by delegating the time-consuming and repetitive parts to the tool. More time to go back to basics … or reinvent yourself!

Youdefine the access to your software and to your data in a fast and efficient way.

Due to the statistics, you manage your place with dashboards of turnover and margin, of realized services.

Try it now

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We offer you the possibility to test our product but also to use it for free while waiting for better days for the event!

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