Logiciel venue finder

Frédéric is the director of a venue finder with 8 project managers.

The issue

He would like his teams to work faster and better, in order to win while maintaining the quality of their work. He is looking for a software that eliminates time-consuming tasks and allowsand to focus on the essential: the clients.

Our solution

Lab Event’s goal is to simplify the life of its clients, so that they lose as little time as possible on time-consuming tasks. We offer for venue finder :

  • The automation of the search for benefits. Due to an intelligent filtering system, it is easy to find the services that correspond to the client’s request in just a few minutes. You can contact them from the platform just as easily.
  • The availability of a Lab Event marketplace in order to have access to more than 2000 venues and services. This catalog will complete your catalog to offer even more options to your customers!
  • Email automation: it is possible to configure standard emails, some of which are provided with the software. Sending an email to a service provider or a customer takes only 10 seconds thanks to our dynamic fields which automatically integrate the related information!
  • Commission management: commission rates are fully customizable and integrated into our quote and invoice module
  • Collaborative management: it is possible to work with several people on the same event while benefiting from centralized and common information.
  • A checklist directly linked to your event allowing an efficient follow-up of its organization and progress
  • Task, calendar and pipeline system: allows you to follow the tasks of each collaborator, see all upcoming events and see the progress of each project through the pipeline. In addition, our tasks benefit from an automated reminder and deadline system!

We have put ergonomics and ease of use at the heart of our solution. Thus, each module of our offer benefits from an intuitive and efficient interconnection.

Adopting Lab Event will allow you to manage your event from the client’s request to its invoicing and this on the same platform!

“My teams have become more productive while maintaining quality service, which is praised by our customers. The software allows us to satisfy our customers even more and make more money!”

Our clients’ testimonials: