How Lab Event simplifies internal communication between sales and production

Communicating smoothly and harmoniously with your internal teams not only makes for better collaboration, but also guarantees more successful events for your customers. However, communication between sales and production teams can often be a major challenge. In this article, we delve into the heart of this issue and explore how Lab Event is positioning itself as a strategic tool for overcoming these obstacles and optimizing internal collaboration.

The challenge of communication between sales and production

In an event agency, sales people play a crucial role in building relationships with customers and understanding their unique needs. On the other hand, the production team is responsible for turning these ideas into reality. Communication between these two poles can lead to misunderstandings, delays and loss of crucial information, with adverse consequences for event quality.

Centralized information and exchanges

With Lab Event, every aspect of an event, from customer details to technical specifications, is centralized in a single platform. This means that sales staff can record and share all relevant information as soon as they receive it, giving the production team a solid base from which to work. This centralization reduces the risk of fragmented communication and lost information.


Mini-Site management :

Lab Event’s mini-site is another great way to communicate easily and in real time with your staff, customers and suppliers. Thanks to the mini-site, users can access information addressed to them.

Suivi des activités commerciales logiciel Lab Event

Transparent real-time communication

Lab Event facilitates seamless communication between teams by providing tools for real-time exchanges. Comments, updates and questions can be shared directly on the platform, avoiding time-consuming e-mails or meetings. This instant communication ensures that crucial details are accessible to all team members, contributing to smooth collaboration. The data sheet saves you the trouble of having to enter data twice, and makes it easier for you to communicate with your contact person. By exporting the production sheet, you can receive an e-mail with all the details of your event (customer, event, start date, end date, venues, invoice, follow-up, etc.).

Mini Site attribuer des rôles aux utilisateurs externes


Ultimately, smooth communication between sales and production teams is the essence of successful in-house event management. Lab Event is the missing link, offering a centralized platform, real-time communication and intelligent automation to overcome the challenges of internal communications. With Lab Event, collaboration between sales and production becomes seamless, fast and efficient, guaranteeing exceptional events that exceed customer expectations.

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