Grande agence événementielle ou groupes d'agences

Sarah is the general manager of an event agencie group with more than 200 project managers all over France, and her agencies also work with freelancers on some projects.

The issue

She has to manage a large number of project managers, and gets lost between the figures of her different agencies, her numerous emails… She is looking for a solution that centralizes everything on the same platform in order to find everything easily. It also wants its teams to be able to work together more efficiently on projects.

Our solution

Lab Event is an all-in-one event management software that perfectly meets the needs of Sarah and her teams.

Easier work for project managers

Easy agency management

  • The general manager and managers can control and steer their teams. He can see the progress of each project through the pipeline, follow the tasks of each collaborator and see all upcoming events and their status.
  • The general manager and the managers can follow the evolution of the company’s turnover thanks to the statistics tab. tailed statistics are proposed and evolve live.
  • All users can assign tasks to their collaborators in order to share the work, tasks that they will find as soon as they connect to their space and by email each morning.

Activity management

  • It is possible to assign different roles to different types of people using the software. For example, a freelancer will only have access to the events he is working on, an intern will not have access to settings and statistics, etc…
    You will have one or more administrators defined beforehand in order to harmonize these roles
  • In addition to event tracking, it is possible to track customer prospecting through the customer pipeline and timelines in order to offer the client the best possible follow-up.
  • Lab Event can be linked to multiple sites to always be aware of what is happening on all your sites (by form or API system).
  • Several legal entities can edit quotes and invoices.
  • The fields can be modified and customized to fit their sales and management process.

Offer more to clients

“My teams are better organized, and I don’t have to go hunting for information anymore, I see the activity of all my agencies in real time! I no longer have to pay for different subscriptions to allow project managers to work, everything is there in one place!”

Our clients’ testimonials: