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Optimize your business relationships.

A single database

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Lab Event offers you a simple solution for centralizing information: one file, one customer and all his information. Add and find your clients in a simple way with this 100% ergonomic tool.

A flawless history

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Don’t lose any more of your exchanges with your clients. Emails sent from the platform are kept in the client’s activities and you can add the day’s information. You will also find all the events of the customer.

Your benefits

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  • Qualification and customer information prioritization
  • Accessibility of information at any time and on any connected device
  • Precise knowledge of the client journey
  • Optimization of the follow-up for a traceability from A to Z
  • Qualification and client information prioritization

Client testimonials

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“Managing our customers has never been easier. On each client file, I can find all the past and future activity of my team with each customer at a glance.”

Claire, Branch Manager

Practical case

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As an event agency, you need to centralize your clients’ data. Our goal is to offer you an intuitive tool to track your customers.

The customer management software allows you toimport your client database, in order to find them all in the software.

New clients? You can easily add customers to your database by clicking on “New Client”. You will have to fill in a client form with the essential information about him: Name of the client, address, type of client…

For each client, you will assign one or more contacts, or the people you are in contact with within this client company.


To get an overview of your activity with this client, several tabs exist:

  • The Info tab allows you to indicate additional information about this client.
  • The Task tab allows you to assign tasks to be performed for this client within your team.
  • The Calls tab allows you to have a past calls overview with this client, and to add a comment to remember the purpose of this exchange.
  • The Meetings tab allows you to have an overview of past meetings with this client and to add a comment.

Your team will have access to all the activity of this contact with your company.

Our clients’ testimonials: