évitez les doubles réservations grâce à Lab Event

If you’re an events professional, you’ve probably already experienced the embarrassing situation of having booked the same venue for two different events on the same day. This can cause major problems for you, your team and your customers. Fortunately, Lab Event offers you a solution to avoid double bookings thanks to its shared calendar.

With Lab Event, you can benefit from three types of calendar: a general calendar, a room calendar and an interactive floor plan. These calendars enable you to efficiently manage your events and room reservations, and optimize your working time. You can easily plan your activities and tasks to achieve optimum productivity.

Thanks to advanced calendar functions, you can display your events by progress status, by day/week/month, or by location and associated services. You can also display your tasks and those of your colleagues, so you don’t miss a thing. You can even share the team view with your colleagues to keep them informed of upcoming events.

Calendrier général

Using the room calendar, you can manage your room bookings and update your availability with a single click. You can also create your events directly from the calendar by selecting the slot, associating a customer and adding all the elements required for the event to run smoothly.

With Lab Event, you benefit from a simplified view of your events, a calendar shared with all your teams, more efficient event management and better management of availability and reservations. Lab Event is a complete solution for event professionals who want to avoid double-booking venues.

One customer testimonial reflects the positive experience of a Lab Event user: “I was very surprised by the combination of many useful features that Lab Event has to offer, especially on the room calendar which allows us to better manage the booking of our venues. Being able to create our events directly from the calendar also saves us a lot of time.” – Flora, Event Project Manager.

If you’re a venue manager, you can easily create an event from a calendar by choosing your venue and booking a slot. Une fenêtre pop-up vous indiquera les informations que vous devez saisir dans cette réservation. Indicate the title of the moment or the stage of the event, choose an existing customer/prospect or create a new one, add one or more items that meet your customers’ needs, and that’s it! Votre événement sera visible par tous les utilisateurs afin d’éviter le risque de double réservation.

Don’t let double bookings spoil your event planning. Choose Lab Event and benefit from efficient booking management.

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