Functionality included in the ENTERPRISE offer

Your participants register via a mini site, they book their hotels and restaurants… and pay online!

congress organization

Registration for participants

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With a shopping cart system, your participants can book their hotel rooms, catering and participation on your mini site.

Automate allotment

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You can directly enter the allotments you wish to offer to your participants in your mini site.

Your benefits

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  • Creating your own mini site has never been easier!
  • Differentiated pricing: you can define different rates depending on the type of participants.
  • You can directly enter the hotel allotments you wish to offer to your participants in your mini site.
  • A very precise summary of your participants and their reservations
  • Payment of participants directly on your mini site
  • … finally: simplify your logistics!

Client testimonial

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Lab Event’s congress module is a tool that allows you to manage the organization of your participants from A to Z, from the choice of hotels and catering to the payment directly through your website. I can directly define who my audience is (experts, students or conventioneers) and define the price for each! Plus, I manage with my hotel partners how many rooms I need and I don’t have to worry about overbooking because everything is automated!”

Antoine, in charge of congress organization in a tourist office

Practical Case

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As a conference organizer, you know that it is heavy to launch the first actions to plan an event that will take place in a few months (or years).

Our tool allows you to manage the organization of your participants from A to Z, from the choice of hotels and catering to the payment directly through your website.

All this is done in steps and as easy as shopping online ;-).

The first step is to define who the participants will be. Depending on the type of audience, you will define different entrance fees. Of course you can set the admission to be free. Defining the profiles will also help you determine what options you will give to each person.

Indeed, you will be able to, always on Lab Event, define the hotels and accommodation types you want to assign to each profile. Let’s take an example: you can assign very VIP accommodations to members you have defined in one type of profile and another type of accommodation to others. In the same way, you can assign the best matching restaurants, profile by profile of participants.

Each proposal has a maximum threshold (called allotment) to avoid overbooking in relation to the quota given to you by the hotel or restaurant owner.

The participant puts everything in his shopping cart like a real online purchase. It sees its price change in real time. After having indicated his coordinates and possible companions, he will be able to proceed to the payment part.

Réservation d'hotels pour congrès

Online, we give the participant the possibility to pay by credit card, but also to make a transfer or send a check.

All this is enhanced by a dedicated website for participants in the colors of the organizer with all important information about the show. Ergonomic and intuitive, the site allows the participant in a few minutes to choose among the different possibilities and pay online.

FAQ Congress

Pourquoi utiliser un logiciel pour organiser un congrès ?

L’organisation d’un congrès est TRES chronophage. Lab Event vous propose, dans un seul espace, d’avoir toutes vos informations rassemblées et optimisées. Vous pourrez gérer vos participants, l’hébergement que vous proposez, la restauration … Tout cela en ligne, avec un accès en temps réel aux réponses de vos participants.


Dois payer un hébergement pour créer un mini-site ?

Non ! Lab Event héberge gratuitement votre site sur ses serveurs et vous donne une URL au nom que vous désirez. Ainsi, vous ne vous embêtez pas avec des hébergements compliqués.

Combien cela coute ?

Contactez nous pour avoir un devis sur ce module particulier de Lab Event.



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