How you can improve the speed of your customer with responses with lab event

In the events sector, customer requests often come in large numbers. It is therefore essential to be able to respond quickly to avoid losing business opportunities. However, many professionals in this field complain that their sales reps take too long to respond, which can lead to a drop in conversion rates.

But how can Lab Event help you improve the speed of your customer responses?

If this is a problem for you, there are ways to solve it, Lab Event.

This SaaS platform specializing in events enables you to receive your customers’ requests in real time thanks to an online formIf you’re an event venue, you’ll also be able to view room availability in real time.

” The contact form builder on Lab Event ”

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” A single platform for all your requests ”

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Firstly, by centralizing all requests on a single platform, you can avoid information loss and reduce processing time. What’s more, Lab Event’s quotation and sales proposal tool uses templates and dynamic fields to generate a sales presentation or brochure estimate in just a few clicks, saving you precious time. Finally, if you’re an event venue, you can view the availability of your rooms in real time, thanks to a shared calendar and the status of various requests.

” Create a sales presentation using templates and dynamic fields ”

Modèle champs dynamiques, présentation commerciale

The benefits of Lab Event don’t stop there. Using this platform, you can not only reduce your sales reps’ response times, but also customize and parameterize functionalities according to your company’s specific needs. What’s more, thanks to the use of presentation templates, your sales force can save a lot of time when creating sales documents.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to improve the speed of your customer responses in the events sector, Lab Event is THE efficient, customizable SaaS solution that could help you optimize your customer response process.

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” Improve your customer response time ”

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If you’re looking for a SaaS solution to speed up the process of responding to customer requests, here are a few key things to consider when choosing a platform:

  • Centralization of all customer requests on a single platform
  • The speed and efficiency of the quotation and sales proposal tool
  • Real-time visualization of resource availability, if required for your business
  • Platform customization and flexibility to suit your business needs


“A few months ago, one of our customers in the events industry told us about his recurring problem: his sales people were taking a long time to respond to customer requests, resulting in delays and missed opportunities.

As co-founder of Lab Event, I took this as a personal challenge to solve.
Determined to find a solution, I assembled our team and we set about developing a platform that would revolutionize their response process. After long hours of hard work and collaboration, we’ve launched the enhanced version of Lab Event.

I couldn’t wait to see the results, and the customer who challenged us was the first to adopt it. Let me tell you how it transformed their business.

Our customer, a well-known events company, was receiving numerous requests from interested customers on a daily basis. However, their sales force was struggling to keep up.

That changed as soon as they integrated Lab Event into their process.
One day, their sales representative, Alex, received an urgent request from a potential customer. Thanks to our online form, Alex instantly received all the information she needed to respond quickly and accurately. No more going back and forth for missing details – everything was there, clear and organized.

But that’s not all. Lab Event’s quotation and sales proposal tool has become their best ally. Alex was able to draw up a professional quote in just a few minutes and send it directly to the customer. The response was immediate: the customer was impressed by the speed and precision of the proposal.

The icing on the cake was the room availability visualization feature. When the customer requested booking options, Alex was able to check room availability in real time thanks to Lab Event. Alex was able to draw up a professional estimate in a matter of minutes and send it directly to the customer.

The customer was amazed at how quickly they were able to get a complete and personalized response. They immediately confirmed their booking, and our customer was delighted with the new business he won thanks to Lab Event.

This anecdote reflects many of our customers’ other successful experiences.

As co-founder of Lab Event, I’m extremely proud of our team and our platform. We’ve solved a common problem in the events industry, and helped our customers gain in efficiency, responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Lab Event is much more than just a platform, it’s a game-changing solution for the events industry. We’re delighted to continue innovating and helping our customers succeed.”

Testimony of Fabien – Co-founder of Lab Event

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