Pierre is a freelance event manager, and he works either for agencies or directly for clients.Each project is therefore very different and Pierre gets lost between his many emails, his many Powerpoint presentations and his different quotes.

The issue

He wastes time every day to organize his day between his different projects and also between different sites to find the right places and services to offer to his client. He doesn’t know which task to start with, and is looking for a way to optimize his work time and search for services for the events he creates.

Our solution

By using Lab Event, Pierre can have an overview of all his current projects with his different clients and agencies.

It can:

  • see the progress of each project through the pipeline and change their progress from there.
  • Seethe progress of his client relationships due to the client contact pipeline and know the future actions to be taken with each client.He can now prospect in an organized and efficient way
  • Create tasks related to events or clients, and set deadlines so that you are always on time. He will not be able to forget them because he receives his daily reminder of tasks.
  • use the Lab Event marketplace to access more than 2000 venues and services. By using the intelligent search function, he can filter the venues and services according to the client’s brief,and enter his own in order to benefit from the same advantages!
  • Create and manage your events very easily from A to Z on your solution with a clear and precise follow-up.


“I can create tasks for each project with deadlines, I don’t get lost between different deadlines and projects, I always know what I have to do. I don’t waste time choosing which project to work on first, the software organizes everything for me.

Our clients’ testimonials: