Avoid copy paste with Lab Event

Effective communication is the key to maintaining productivity and growth. However, it’s not for everyone, and can even be a tedious task. Whether it’s writing e-mails to ask customers for availability, or requesting quotes from your suppliers, these tasks can quickly monopolize your time. That’s why Lab Event software is THE ideal solution for streamlining your professional exchanges.

1) E-mail automation: Save time and increase efficiency

There’s no need to manually write repetitive messages or copy and paste, which will cost you all your time. Lab Event lets you create customized e-mail templates for different situations, whether to request information, confirm meetings or more. Once configured, these templates can be deployed in just a few clicks.

Mail template

2) Availability requests :

If you work with service providers and need to send an availability request, Lab Event makes this step much easier by allowing you to send availability requests from the platform. Choose your time slots, and send your requests. The software lets you interact directly with your staff, eliminating time-consuming round-trips.


Staff availability - Lab Event

3) Simplified quote requests with preconfigured templates

Soliciting quotations is a crucial aspect of many business activities. This software saves you time by allowing you to create templates for requests for quotations. These models can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of each event. You can customize the required information, deadlines and conditions. Once you’re ready, send requests for quotations to your suppliers and easily track their responses thanks to Lab Event.


Pre-configured quotation template


Professional communication shouldn’t be a source of stress. Lab Event is THE solution for optimizing your exchanges with suppliers, partners and customers. Thanks to e-mail automation, simplified availability requests and quotation request templates, this platform frees up your time and creativity, while promoting smoother, more productive collaboration.

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