Finally, a digital tool created by event professionals, for event professionals: Lab Event

In the event industry, productivity and efficiency are essential to success. However, it can be frustrating to find that there are no digital tools specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. Luckily, Lab Event is here for you! Our tailor-made solution is specially developed for event professionals, offering you a complete set of features to improve your productivity and optimize your operations.

As an events professional, you’ll be faced with complex and varied tasks, from managing reservations, logistics and customer contacts to coordinating teams and much more. Finding the right digital tools to meet your needs can be a real challenge. Using generic solutions can lead to inefficiencies, gaps in information tracking and loss of valuable time.


🚀Lab Event :La solution sur mesure pour les professionnels de l’événementiel :


Lab Event has been specially designed to fill this gap. Our platform is fully customized to meet the specific needs of event professionals, offering you a seamless user experience and a full suite of features.


1 – Centralized event management :


With Lab Event, you can centralize all your event-related information, including booking details, customer contacts, logistical information, documents and much more. No more scattered information on different tools or files, everything is gathered in one place for more efficient management.


2 – Customize to your needs :


Lab Event adapts to your business. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific processes and configure the platform accordingly. You can add custom fields, create bespoke workflows and adjust functionality to perfectly match your unique needs.


3 – Simplified collaboration and communication :


Lab Event facilitates collaboration between your team members. You can assign tasks, share documents, exchange comments and track the progress of each project, all from a single platform. Communication is transparent, and information is accessible to all concerned, promoting better coordination and increased productivity.


4 – Quotations and invoices for special events :


Lab Event is perfectly adapted to the event industry, with quotations and invoices that take into account all specific requirements (e.g. purchase and sale prices on each line, the possibility of adding optional lines, of invoicing a percentage of total commission or not, etc.).

5 – Flexibility and scalability :


Lab Event is designed to adapt to your growth and changing needs. Whether you’re organizing a small local event or an international one, our platform can adapt and grow with you.


6 – Monitoring budgets and profitability :


Lab Event offers budget tracking and profitability functions. You can easily track expenses, revenues and margins for each event, helping you to optimize your financial performance.


7 – Precise monitoring of activities :


Lab Event lets you track and analyze your event activities with dashboards and reports. You can view key statistics, identify trends and make informed decisions to improve your operational efficiency and maximize your results.



In the events business, it’s essential to have the right tools to maximize your productivity.

Lab Event is the tailor-made solution you need to meet this challenge. By centralizing your information, customizing the platform to your specific needs and facilitating collaboration within your team, Lab Event will help you optimize your operations, save valuable time and deliver outstanding results to your customers.


Don’t waste time looking for generic solutions that don’t meet your specific needs. Make the right choice by opting for Lab Event, the tool designed by event professionals, for event professionals.


Find out now how Lab Event can transform your event business and boost your productivity. Schedule a free demo and let our team show you how our tailor-made solution can make all the difference to your business.


With Lab Event, you’ll be equipped for success in the events business 😉

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