Simplify the integration of newcomers

In today’s fast-paced event industry, seamlessly integrating newcomers is an essential piece of the success puzzle. However, dispersed processes often get in the way of this crucial transition. In this article, we explore how Lab Event, as a tailored CRM solution, can revolutionize your approach by eliminating scattered processes and simplifying the onboarding of new arrivals.

Lab Event: The ally for effortless integration

This is where Lab Event comes into its own, offering a solution to this major challenge. As a CRM designed to meet the specific needs of the events industry, Lab Event offers a range of features to simplify and optimize the integration of newcomers.


1- Customized workflows

Thanks to the customization offered by Lab Event, you can create specific workflows for newcomers. Clear, sequential steps guide them through their integration, ensuring that every aspect is covered consistently. And by creating checklists, newcomers can see all the things to do that are linked to the checklist, including deadlines.


2- Progress tracking and automated reminders

Lab Event allows you to track the progress of each new team member by managing and monitoring the tasks assigned to team members, and by setting automated reminders for specific tasks to be completed, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Automated task recall

3- Discover key features with webinars :

Beyond technical learning, Lab Event’s webinars cover a wide range of topics, from basic functionality to advanced techniques, to give newcomers an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the platform.



Lab Event is an invaluable ally in facilitating the smooth integration of newcomers into your team. Centralized training resources give new team members a single point of access to the information they need to familiarize themselves with your processes and expectations. Customized workflows ensure that every step of the integration process is clearly defined, and that nothing is left to chance. And with automated reminders, Lab Event ensures that critical tasks are completed on time. Lab Event also offers instructive webinars that cover not only technical aspects, but also a variety of topics related to the platform’s key functionalities. These webinars offer newcomers a unique opportunity to dive deep into understanding the platform, helping them maximize their contribution right from the start.

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