Tips for working in the event industry

The events business is often synonymous with stress, tight deadlines and last-minute unforeseen events. Project managers are often on the front line when it comes to managing these complex situations and ensuring the success of their customers’ events..

But how can we provide them with the best tools to help them manage their stress and workload?

Lab Event, the platform dedicated to event organization for event professionals, can be a stress-relieving solution for your project management teams. In fact, our tool has been designed to facilitate project coordination and follow-up, by centralizing all event-related information on a single platform.

With Lab Event, your project managers can :

  1. Manage their schedules and to-do lists in real time, with alerts to make sure they don’t forget anything and reminders for important deadlines.
  2. Collaborate easily with other team members, thanks to a feedback system and task progress tracking.
  3. Track budgets for each event in real time, with visibility on expenses and revenues.
  4. Draw up quotations and sales proposals quickly and efficiently, thanks to customizable templates and dynamic fields.
  5.  View room and equipment availability for upcoming events in real time.
  6. Communicate easily with customers, providing regular updates on project progress and responding quickly to their requests with semi-automated presentation templates.

By centralizing all this information on a single platform, Lab Event saves your project management teams time, reduces errors and lowers their stress levels. Administrative tasks are simplified, and team members can concentrate on organizing the event itself.


In conclusion, if you want to offer your teams of project managers a high-performance, ergonomic tool to reduce their stress and improve their productivity, Lab Event may be a solution worth considering. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our platform and the features that can help your company achieve its objectives.