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What is it?

Event management software transforms the way you organize and manage your clients’ events. Thanks to such a software, all important information (customers, providers, etc.) are present on a single platform, which can be consulted by all your employees. Thus, rather than keeping information in a scattered order, an event management software will allow you to be better organized: clearly, from the taking of a customer brief to the realization of the event, this software will accompany you through different milestones and modules.

Lab Event is one of the only softwares specially created for events and placing them at the center of its operation, which allows a real added value during their organization.

The advantages of an event management software

The interests are numerous and an investment in this type of software will save you time and money.

  • First, an event management software will improve the coordination between your teams, by allowing them to have direct access to information without going through other people.
  • Thus, an event management software is not a gadget but a tool to serve you and your clients. Speed, satisfaction and performance, it is in these words that all the interest of this software is expressed.
  • Finally, your work will be more fluid thanks to the digitalization of data. You can access your work on an event at any time as long as you have an Internet connection.
Disadvantages of an event management software
  • First, there are security issues associated with having all the data stored in one place. Even the best security systems in the world have flaws and malicious people can access this data. In order to fight against these abuses, Lab Event hosts your data in SaaS format on dedicated French servers limiting the risks of leaks.
  • Technical support is also a sticking point. You can have your own specialized technical team that will be there to help you and unblock your software in case of problems. At Lab Event, technical support is available with the software to answer your questions without wasting time. We also offer telephone and email support to answer your questions in real time.
  • In addition, training is mandatory for employees. Using such software requires several hours of training and practice to be able to use the tool optimally and some will certainly need more time than others. We have put ergonomics and ease of use at the heart of our solution so that you can use it after only 3 hours of training!
  • Finally, data loss is common when the database is poorly managed. The best solution is to opt for a cloud backup but it is still recommended to make physical backups regularly in case a major problem occurs on the servers. That’s why we have adopted the cloud format with automatic saving of your changes after they are entered into the software.
Do you know Lab Event?

Lab Event is the first ERP/CRM software dedicated to the event industry! Take advantage of many benefits:

  • Manage more events in less time
  • Increaseyour revenue
  • Improve your profitability
  • Work better with your customers but also with your employees

By opting for its use, you will have access to different features. You will be able to :

  • detail the organization of your events
  • follow the availability of your rooms/venues
  • have a commercial follow-up of your customers and providers
  • share your services and venues thanks to your database
  • create quotes and invoices
  • jointly manage your events with your employees by centralizing information

ur team will accompany you throughout your journey with Lab Event. We invite you to test our tool for free and without obligation; so don’t wait any longer and try a complete digital tool specially designed for events!



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