As a professional in the event industry, you have to manage a lot of information around an event.

Whether it’s your client, the suppliers, the follow-up and the small details of the event as well as the billing, you need help to manage everything.

Until now you have always used software such as Word, Excel or the Google suite to work, but nowadays there is event management softwareon the market that allows you to streamline your organization and save time.


Indeed, one of the tasks that surely takes a lot of time is the invoicing of the event, because you must first create the estimate for your client, send it to him, then you will have to transform this estimate into an invoice and later follow the different payments.

What is an estimate?


An estimate is a document that describes in detail the services that will be performed by the professional and their price. To write a good estimate, it is necessary to make sure that it indicates a whole series of mentions that are mandatory.

What information should you enter in a quote?

At the top of the document you will have to insert the mentions relating to the company, the customer, the number of estimate and the place and date of the drafting of the document

Then you have to insert a table with the list of the proposed services/products, the quantities, the unit prices excluding taxes, the amount of VAT and the unit prices including all taxes

Then add a line mentioning the total amounts for each column (total volume; total amount without VAT; total amount with VAT).

At the bottom of the table, you will have to add the date and address of the service, the payment terms and deadlines, the penalties foreseen in case of late payment, the validity of the estimate and your signature

Finally, close the estimate with the words “Good for agreement / acceptance of the estimate dated: …” and provide a “signature” space for your customer.

Use event management software to quickly create and send quotes


Lab Event, the first ERP/CRM software dedicated to the event industry has an invoicing modulewhere you can edit your financial documents related to an event, such as quotes and invoices.

With Lab Event, you don’t have to start from scratch because you can import previously created templates. These templates can be composed of items, titles, subtotals… to prepare quotes quickly.

Also, you can create your item catalog and call these items with shortcuts when you create your quotes. All items can be defined with single or multiple VAT rates, markup rates, commission rates and purchase and sale prices.

Once the estimate is finalized, you can send it directly to your customervia the messaging system integrated in the software.

This feature of our event management softwaregives you a better view of your quotes.

Your documents are better structured to make them easier to read for you and your customers.

Create your quote from an event or for a company. The software is very intuitive and will guide you step by step to form your business proposal.

Simply enter the basic information in each field.

Summarize your information, skip lines, view the subtotal of each service and more.