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The event software is an informatic tool that helps you to manage your events

It is a solution for the organization of these such as conferences, exhibitions, weddings, receptions, seminars or festivals.

The event tool can be used by professional organizers, by companies but also by associations, institutions and individuals

Designed to facilitate the organization of an event, it offers an unquestionable malleability in the management of several aspects of the event, especially finance´s management, guest´s management, activitie´s planning, provider´s management, etc.


There are 2 main types of software consecrated to the event industry:

  • Software for managing participants (or guests)
  • Event management software (business software dedicated to event professionals)

Participant management software

There are a lot of them on the market. Here are the main features:

  • Registration management: consists of optimizing the customer experience and allows online registration instead of filling out a form by hand.


  • The management of a website dedicated to the event: it allows to communicate on the event (the registration form is often present on this website).


  • Badge management: is an important step in the organization of an event. The badges allow for easy identification of the participants. Badge management software allows you to create and personalize electronic badges for participants by introducing their information

There are of course other functionalities related to this participant management that we will not detail here, such as measuring satisfaction, sending and scheduling emails/sms…

Event management software (business software dedicated to event professionals)


This software is dedicated to event professionals: agencies, venues, providers and sometimes advertisers.


It is advisable to subcategorize the business software:

  • Software for the organization of trade shows
  • Software for corporate or private events
  • Software for public events


Software for the organization of trade shows

There are specific software to manage trade shows when you are the organizer. These softwares allow to manage the exhibitors, the plan of the show, the accreditations, the speakers, the sponsors etc.


Software for corporate or private events

This is software that allows structures to manage their business as well as their organizational and financial activities.


The features present in this type of software :

  • Customer contact database
  • Supplier contact database
  • Quotation and billing system
  • Article management
  • Follow-up of the commercial relationship

This is Lab Event’s job


Software for public events


The 2 previous types of software are not totally adapted to public events but can complement each other to meet the needs inherent to this type of event.


These event software are very specific and used as indicated principally by the professionals who want to optimize the management of their company


In conclusion, event software is quite diverse and meets several types of needs.