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An event venue is a place that hosts an event. This includes very different types of venues: from castles, to meeting rooms, to outdoor spaces. Here is an overview of the different places that can host an event.

Reception rooms and castles

To organize your events, you can rent reception halls. Depending on the price, you can have beautiful rooms, offering impressive views.

There are more than 45,000 castles in France and some owners offer you the possibility to privatize a wing or the whole castle. From then on, you will be able to organize your receptions, your seminars or any other team building in an exceptional setting. Moreover, you will have the possibility of providing a caterer to organize an unforgettable evening.

The meeting rooms

More and more companies offer to rent meeting rooms. Indeed, rather than having a meeting room in your premises, it is sometimes easier to rent one occasionally. Often these meeting rooms are nicely decorated and the companies that rent them offer additional services, such as a welcome breakfast.

Convention centers

Convention halls are places that host cultural, political and artistic events. These large halls allow you to comfortably receive the public. For example, you can organize conferences, debates or meetings.

Exhibition center

Exhibition centers are also used for a wide variety of events, but compared to convention centers, they are very flexible. Built in the form of a large hangar, you can arrange the interior as you wish and modulate it as you wish.

Theaters and cinema

Theaters, as their name indicates, allow the organization of cultural events of all kinds: theater, concert, opera. For a few years now, concerts have also been developed in cinemas: instead of attending a concert in person, it is broadcast on a giant screen. In this way, you avoid travelling if you live far from the big cities and you can enjoy all the comfort of a cinema.


If you wish to celebrate an important event within your company, what better way than to privatize a bar or a nightclub. In addition to taking advantage of low prices on drinks, you can be sure that the atmosphere will be there and that your employees will remember it for a long time.

The Restaurants

You want to celebrate an event in a more formal place? Think of a restaurant! ou will spend an excellent evening with your colleagues, around a table and a good meal.
You will be able to create the desired atmosphere as soon as you choose the establishment.

The cultural places

The privatization of exceptional cultural places such as the Louvre is a growing phenomenon in the event industry. This type of rental is suitable for out of the ordinary events that your company wants to mark with a white stone; because the means that you will have to deploy to privatize such a place are just as important.
These places almost alone ensure the success of your event and will mark your guests for life.


The team building places

If you want to strengthen the bonds between your teams, a team building is essential. The activities are varied: paintball, laser game, escape game, etc. You will have the chance to organize these activities in unusual places and to combine this activity with a party to end the day in beauty.

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