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If you want your event to go as well as possible at your venue, you need to put all the odds on your side.

While no one is immune to surprises, establishing good communication between all departments allows you to greatly reduce any unexpected events and manage them more effectively.

Especially for an event venue, where communication is the central point on which all the people involved in the event project will have to rely in order to do their job properly and avoid creating confusion.

We give you our tips to communicate effectively between departments in an event venue:

Communicate early

Once your event is planned, the second step will be to provide all departments with any information related to the project. In this case, writing specifications will help you to describe your project and your requirements, so as not to forget any aspect. This will make it easier for you to send information about:

  • The client (sector, size, contact information, etc.)
  • The date and duration of the event (start/end dates, flexible dates, etc.)
  • The objective and challenge of the event
  • Number of participants (internal, external, functions, etc.)
  • The venue and location (transportation and accommodation of participants…)
  • Program and detailed content
  • Information about all speakers: arrival time, duration, their roles during the event, etc.
  • Budget

It is a long work but the more detail you give, the less likely your event will collapse, because good communication allows a better understanding of the project.

You will already be more serene when organizing your event!

Involve all departments

A good event requires the involvement of many people. And, to ensure that things are moving smoothly as the event approaches, make a to-do list and divide it among all departments. If you are not clear on what you need, it will be harder to get what you need.

The event checklist is then the best way to allocate tasks and not miss an important step. Don’t wait until the last moment to share your list with them and set deadlines to follow all instructions.

However, it is not only about dictating all the things to be done, but also about involving the departments in the decision making process and considering all the additional needs (equipment rental, costs, deadlines, etc).

For an event venue, having a shared calendar on hand gives a global vision of your projects and allows a better collaboration.

Use communication tools

mission statement

With today’s tools, it is easier to streamline exchanges and encourage collaboration between departments: corporate social networks, shared documents, emails, etc. However, not all tools are necessarily optimal for an effective communication.

Lab Event gives you the possibility to build your own mission sheets. Depending on the type of event you are organizing, you will be able to add information about the general process, information about the arrival of guests, the layout of your rooms and spaces, select the menus or add information about the technical part of your event.

Then, with a simple click, share your mission sheets with all the departments concerned so that you don’t miss anything the day of your event!

Lab Event CRM is cloud-based to enable your teams to work remotely and optimize teamwork. By having a simple and ergonomic tool with all the necessary information, you will help to improve internal communicationthrough centralized data and management of shared tasks.

Try Lab Event now and allow better communication between departments!

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