There is nothing more important when you organize an event than to think long and hard about the place you want to choose. Indeed, selecting a venue is a thoughtful choice not to be taken lightly. You have to think about the values and the image you want to send out during this event. Fortunately, we are here to give you some advice! 😉

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The main criteria to take into account

To choose a venue, you need to ask yourself some basic questions, such as your budget, your capacity, the duration of the event, the access, the accommodation. These main criteria will allow you at first to see more clearly, to see your field of possibilities and to retain some places which could be appropriate. Before even thinking about your dream location, setting a framework is essential and will save you a lot of time.

Important lines of inquiry:


  • The values you wish to convey: it is now time to ask yourself why: what are the values you wish to convey during your event? Do you want to reaffirm your company’s traditional values or instill a new dynamic within your teams?

It is important to know this because it will narrow down the number of possible locations. For example, you want to make your business greener? So opt for an eco-responsible and autonomous gite, as close as possible to limit travel.


  • The desired atmosphere: then, what atmosphere do you want? User-friendly? Offbeat? Prestigious? Conventional? Festive? Is it for a cocktail party to thank all the people who work for you? Or is it to make a big announcement to the company? In the latter case, choosing a venue with pomp and circumstance will impress everyone and make an even greater impression on the guests. On the contrary, if you want a serious and professional atmosphere, some soberly (but nicely) decorated meeting rooms will create the desired setting.


  • The type of guests: in addition, you must know your guests. If you want to invite your managers, a trendy bar will do the trick, as you will be in a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to bonding and opening up. On the contrary, you want to open your company to investors? Choose a beautiful property to match your ambitions and your guests. They will be impressed by everything you do to impress them.


  • Objectives: Finally, you must determine the objectives of your event. Strengthen the team? Increase the notoriety of the company? Depending on the objectives, not all types of venues are suitable.

Lab Event accompanies you in the search for your ideal venue with its marketplace dedicated to venues and services and its related module!

To summarize

Choosing a venue for your event is not a matter of chance, it is not simply selecting a place from a list. This choice must be the result of a long reflection on your motivations, your values, your ambitions and the message you wish to send. The place you choose will be the setting, and therefore the image sent back to the participants.