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A sales presentation is a document that offers added value to your future clients. It allows you to draw attention to your commercial offer in a visual and attractive way. There is a multitude of tools to make business presentations, some are more general like PowerPoint or Canva, and others more targeted like Lab Event on the organization of events.

It is an essential sales support tool to enable your sales teams to present your company’s offer and services and must above all meet the expectations of the end customer.

The interests of a commercial presentation in the event are numerous. Investing in an adapted tool will save you time and allow you to convince your customers more easily.

A business presentation software has many advantages:
  • Better communicate your offer: using a commercial presentation software is an opportunity for you to promote the services offered by your company in a more visual way. You will be able to meet the needs of your future customers with the help of materials entirely designed for events.
  • Increase conversion: to differentiate yourself from your competitors, presenting your commercial offer in a creative way will captivate your future customers and increase their conversion.
  • Saves time: by using a tool specially designed to make your business presentations, you save time to better focus on organizing your projects.
A good sales presentation tool in the event industry should include the following features:
  • The ability to create any type of document (presentations, contracts, recommendations, specifications, mission sheets, roadmaps)
  • An intuitive edition module
  • The ability to use templates and customize them
  • The possibility to associate your presentation with a client and an event
  • A PDF export module
  • An automated presentation module
  • The possibility to add quotes
Do you know Lab Event?

Lab Event is the first ERP/CRM software dedicated to the event industry! Take advantage of many benefits:

  • Manage more events in less time
  • Increaseyour revenue
  • Improve your profitability
  • Work better with your customers but also with your employees…

By opting for its use, you will have access to different features. You will be able to :

  • detail the organization of your events
  • follow the availability of your rooms/venues
  • have a commercial follow-up of your customers and providers
  • share your services and venues thanks to your database
  • create quotes and invoices
  • jointly manage your events with your employees by centralizing information

ur team will accompany you throughout your journey with Lab Event. We invite you totest our tool for free and without obligation; so don’t wait any longer and try a complete digital tool specially designed for events!

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