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What is a sales brochure?


The commercial brochure is a communication and sales support which has many uses, such as presenting the company in a synthesized way, highlighting your offer, conveying your brand image and guiding the speech of the sales department in order to promote sales. Indeed, it allows you to put yourself forward, to demonstrate your professionalism and to develop your company’s notoriety.

The commercial brochure is the result of the combination of two essential elements: text and graphic elements, such as images, your logo, colors and fonts.

The brochure, in order to be effective, must include key information such as: the name of the company and its contact information; information about your products and services, what differentiates you from your competitors and a summary of its history, in storytelling format.

How to create a visually appealing brochure?


Here are some techniques used by the design:

  • Use a maximum of 2 or 3 fonts in your document.
  • Make sure that the layout of the text is airy
  • Use bold or color to highlight the most important points
  • Distribute the text and images in a balanced way
  • Use a maximum of 3 colors from your graphic chart
  • You can also use pictograms to identify your services at a glance, to guide the eye during reading, to air the text and also to structure the graphics of the document.


Use software to integrate a quote into your brochure


Whether you are a venue or an event agency, in most cases and following a request from your customer, the sales brochure is accompanied by a detailed estimate of the products and services you offer

Now is the time to use software that will allow you to combine the two documents into one.

Lab Event, the first software dedicated to the event industry, makes it easy for you to create your quotes and brochures with a simple drag and drop.


Indeed, Lab Event has different work modules, including the event module where you can take the client’s brief, the finance module where you can edit a quote from the brief and a presentation module where you can combine a custom presentation / brochure and the quote; all custom.


You will also be able to integrate your client’s contact information, the details of the event (times, number of people and the costs of each service) following the visual presentation of your company or the recommended locations.


The use of a software specialized in the event industry to create your brochure-estimate allows you to save time because all the information is already indicated in the briefing part and you just have to make it appear on your personalized document.