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A software of estimate and invoice is essential for a company.

There is a multitude of them today, some more generalist like Biver and others more targeted like Lab Events on the organization of events.

A good estimate and invoice software must be able to manage :

Quotes or costed proposals

Invoices, down payment, balance and credit note invoices

For this, a good quotation/invoice tool must integrate the following functionalities:
  • An editing module
  • a catalog management system
  • a pdf export module
  • an accounting export module
  • the possibility to follow the payments
  • the possibility of tracking down payments, deducting them from balance invoices
  • the possibility of putting lines in “Option”.
  • the ability to create and reuse templates
  • the possibility to have customized GTCs

Our offer allows you to send by email your financial documents

What you need to know before choosing a quote/invoice software

It is not easy to give impartial advice.

But as far as the financial elements are concerned, which are central, we advise you to take a tool that is well established and that meets French standards.

On the other hand, if you manage your margin, you need a tool that manages the purchase and sale prices

Do you know Lab Event?

Lab Event is the N°1 software dedicated to event professionals! Take advantage of many benefits:

  • Manage your events
  • Improveyour sales
  • Boost your profitability
  • Work better with your customers but also with your employees…

By opting for Lab Event, you will have access to different features. You will be able to :

  • detail the organization of your events
  • track the availability of your spaces
  • have a commercial follow-up of your customers and providers
  • create quotes and invoices
  • integrate GTCs
  • manage your tasks in a collaborative way

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Lab Event offers you features such as

outil crm
Agence Event
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