What is a quote?


The quote or estimate is a document in which a supplier makes an offer to sell a good or a service at a certain price. This supplier undertakes not to change the price until the buyer has expressed his intention to renounce the purchase.

The fact of establishing an estimate is framed by the law and several rules must be respected so that the document is valid: we need to find several informations on it and it must be established at a precise time.


Why do you need a quote?


It is important to establish an estimate because it allows you to secure the commercial relationship with your customer: when the latter has agreed to the execution of the service, he is committed to what you have proposed and for the agreed price.

Also, the estimate is a tool that gives you credibility and assurance with your customers. If you don’t provide a detailed written proposal of your offer, your conversion rate will be lower.

Essential information on an estimate

The necessary mentions on the estimate are:

– Information about your company and the customer

At the top of the page you must enter your contact details, those of your company and those of the customer

– The mention “quotation”

-The VAT number of your company

-The trade and company register number

– The quote number and the customer reference

– The description of the services

You must describe very clearly all the services you propose, for example the rental of spaces, the cost of the caterer, the cost of the technical equipment, etc

– Quantities and unit prices

It is necessary to indicate the unit prices excluding VAT, the quantities required and the total amount

– The VAT amount

You must indicate the VAT rate applied to each item.

You could indicate the total price before tax, then the VAT rate and at the end the VAT amount.

At the bottom of the page you have to detail the total:

-Total before tax

-Total VAT

-Total incl. VAT


Other mentions :


– Indicate the date of the service or the day of the event.

– The validity period of the quote: Example: this offer is valid for 7 days from the date of sending.

– The address of execution of the estimate.

-Terms of payment. Example: 50% at the signature of the contract and the other 50% one month before the event

General terms and conditions of sale

– Date and sign the quote.

– It is then up to your customer to add by hand in a dedicated box: “good for agreement” if he accepts the estimate, then to date and sign it. This mention must be handwritten, he can add a stamp.


Use billing software to create quotes


In the market there is a multitude of solutions for invoicing. The first criteria to choose one is the size of your company: if you are a small or medium-sized business, if you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, if you are a large company. Then, another criteria is the professional sector in which you evolve.

The Finance module of Lab Event, the first software dedicated to the event industry, allows you to create quotes and invoices for your customers very easily. Thanks to an intelligent catalog system, you can enter your items and products and add them directly to your document.

This module brings you a better vision for the management of estimates and invoices, it allows you to personalize all your documents. Your quotes and invoices are better structured to make them easier to read for you and your customers.

Create your estimate or invoice from an event or for a company. The software being very intuitive will guide you step by step to form your commercial proposal. Simply enter the basic information in each field. You can summarize information, skip lines, view the subtotal of each service and more.

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