The management of personnel in a venue is a key aspect when you organize an event. Indeed, it is necessary to determine which people will work during the event, by defining precisely the tasks and the time they will have to provide and by taking into account the specific skills of each one.

To compile all this information and to be able to communicate it to the different parties involved, it is recommended to use a mission sheet.

What is a mission sheet?


A mission sheet is a document that serves as a manual for an event and contains all the information about the planned activities. It describes in detail, step by step, who does what when.

Pourquoi se servir d’une fiche de mission?


The most important aspect is to havegood communication between all the groups of people responsible for setting up the event. It is necessary for everyone to know their role and to be able to inform others in the event of a complication. This way, the event organizer will be able to delegate and focus on the customers / guests.

A mission sheet allows you to see all the data of an event at a glance and thus detect possible conflicts of schedules or availability of spaces. Also, it allows you to verify that the participants of the event have enough time to change rooms, if necessary.


How to write a mission sheet for your event?


The mission sheet must indicate the different actions and stages of the event, in a chronological manner.

You can start from the event program to determine the different timings of the parties involved (suppliers, caterers, employees).

Therefore, it is necessary to designate a person responsible for each party involved in order to centralize feedback and important information.

Each person will have specific tasks and possible areas of responsibility. This will tell us if we have planned for the necessary staff or if we need to hire more.


Use a software to create your mission sheets


In order to facilitate the preparation of your mission sheets, it is recommended to use a dedicated software.

Lab Event, the first ERP / CRM software dedicated to the event industry, has a functionality that allows you to get organized more quickly, especially by facilitating the creation of your mission sheets. You will be able to manage your events more easily by building your page templates with customizable fields.

Indeed, you will be able to indicate in a dynamic way for example the customer, the date, the schedules, the selected spaces and the names of the various actors throughout the event.