Every company needs tools to communicate internally and to be well organized in order to increase its productivity.

For this, there are a multitude of solutions that allow the organization of daily life and one of the key tools for a good project management is the shared calendar.

Calendar types

Currently, on the market you will find two types of shared calendar:

Acalendar/agenda that will allow you to view your schedule (and your team’s schedule) by day, week or month, as you prefer.

Also, you will be able to visualize your tasks and those of your team to allow you to fluidify the project management.

On the other hand, if you manage a venue or an event halland you work in a team, you will need to keep a calendaron hand that lists all your eventsand reflects the availability of your spaces.

Criteria for selecting a calendar

In order to choose the right work tool, it will be necessary to take into account criteria such as the ease of use of the interface, the ergonomics of the scheduling tools in the calendar, the possibility of automatic synchronization with the rest of users and that it is a collaborative tool.

Use of a shared room calendar

A shared calendar gives your entire team access to your room availability in real time and allows you to engage with a new client immediately.

It allows you to manage your daily work, to control your projects at a glance and toincrease your turnoverwhile optimizing your spaces.

Indeed, if you manage shared spaces, such as meeting or reception rooms, you should consider using a calendar that allows users to book events directly on it.

Benefits of a shared event calendar

The use of a shared event calendar brings you a whole series of advantages such as: the immediate and synthetic view of all your events, an easy collaboration with other users, the possibility of replicating events on several dates and a management of each event from the calendar, with the possibility to move it in time.


How to use a shared event calendar?

With Lab Event’s event management software you will have a global vision of your upcoming events, using the shared event calendar.

Indeed, you can check the availability of your rooms and create an event directly. Simply select the desired time slot and a window will open to allow you to indicate the stage of the event as well as the dates and times.

The Lab Event shared calendar will also allow you to select and view only the rooms occupied by events over a given period.

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