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As a reception venue owner, you know how difficult it is to manage an event. And it’s not for nothing that more and more event planners have turned to event management software.

Today, there is a multitude of event management software, but how to find the best event management software, or at least, the most suitable for your reception venue?

We have selected 3 best software to better manage an event in a reception venue, and of course our recommendations.

What are the advantages of using software for a reception venue?

A reservation and management software for event venues and rooms helps you manage all aspects of your events: receptions, seminars or team building : the software takes care of everything!

This will allow you to optimise the booking process, or even the billing process for some software, to save your teams valuable time and offer a better service to your customers.

Most solutions are cloud-based for better accessibility and keep an eye on managing your events wherever you have internet access.

Top 3 best software for a reception venue

#1 Lab Event


Lab Event combines CRM and ERP software and offers event organizers an all-in-one tool to manage clients, budgets, providers, events and activities. By keeping all your data in one place, you can better manage your activity and communicate within different departments of your company : the software allows you to see your requests, to process them, to manage the quote and invoice aspect and gives you a better view of each person’s tasks and work.

As a result, event venues have access to a complete platform to better manage their sales and customer relationships, while optimizing the space occupation.

For who?

Lab Event’s management software provides solutions for event venues,seminars, agencies, event providers, tourist offices and conventions, team building, freelancers…

Benefits and key features

Lab Event allows you to customize your proposals and quotes to facilitate the potential customers follow-up. The software simplifies invoice generation and ensures you provide accurate room bookings with an intuitive calendar.

Here are some of the key features of Lab Event:

  • Creation of quotes and invoices from an event or for a company
  • Management of customers, contacts, qualification of leads
  • Reservation management
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Event planning
  • Calendar and reminder system
  • Task management
  • Automatic PDF presentations
  • Reports and analysis

#2 Event Temple


Event Temple is a cloud-based software designed to help users manage various aspects of their operation through a platform that centralizes task and booking management. The software is ideal for hotels without meeting rooms that are looking to increase their RevPAR, right up to entire hotel chains.

It provides a suite of sales tools including prospecting and lead management, proposals and electronic contracts, and event management.

For who?

Event Temple is suitable for independent hotels, wedding venues, special event venues, convention centers, private clubs and hotel chains.

Benefits and key features

The solution provides functionalities you need to increase sales and stay organized, all in one place.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Pipeline management
  • Event management and catering
  • Electronic proposals and documents
  • Centralized multi-property database
  • Smart mail
  • Digital invoicing

#3 Ungerboeck


Ungerboeck is a cloud-based event planning and event space management platform that provides end-to-end solutions with CRM, booking, registration, mobile, websites, reporting and financial tools.

It gives to event professionals a SaaS tool with a 360-degree view of their business, allowing them to reduce costs, save time and increase revenue.

For who?

Ungerboeck’s solution is aimed at the world’s most visited venues, convention centers, museums, professional sports arenas and other unique events and venues of all shapes and sizes.

Benefits and key features

The software improves the collaboration between the venue and the event organizers to provide better event services.

Here are some of its most common features:

  • Participant Management
  • Badge management
  • Client management
  • Exhibition/vendor management
  • Space/room configuration
  • Document management
  • Billing

Lab Event is the only tool dedicated to the event industry that offers on one hand a CRM / project management software and on the other hand an access to a database of the best event providers.

It is particularly adapted to manage from A to Z an event in a place of reception. By passing by Lab Event, you build more adapted and relevant proposalsto your customers and facilitate even more the reservation ofyour venue event.

We offer the possibility to test Lab Event for 1 month without commitment, don’t wait!

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