A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a great tool that allows a company to store and then exploit customer datain order to get maximum benefit. It is then that one becomes aware of the importance of a good database to make his CRM work in an optimal way.

A customer database, information with significant advantages

The first advantage that one could give to a database is the knowledge brought on the customer. Indeed, your database will contain essential information about your customer, such as his identity, his consumption habits, his professional status and the history of your relations.

More than just information about a customer, a database allows you to better understand and predict your customers’ behavior through the intelligent use of data. Indeed, some CRMs analyze the behavior of customers, whether in terms of transactions, purchase history, products consulted, etc. Through advanced analysis, we can predict the future behavior of a customer and therefore implement appropriate marketing strategies, in order to increase your customer satisfaction and your economic benefits.

It is rarely mentioned, but adatabase integrated in a CRM allows a better follow-up and therefore a greater customer satisfaction. By facilitating exchanges, becoming more responsive and responding more quickly to client issues, it creates a bond and shows them that they are not just another piece of data. According to Smart Tribune,74% of CRM users reported improved access to customer data and customer satisfaction increased by 66%.

The advantage of the Lab Event solution

By opting for the Lab Event solution, you have of course access to your customer database but you also have access to a database of providers, selected among the best event providers on the market.

This “double” database is a real strength for your company, it allows your customers to enjoy something completely new. They can have a direct overview of the providers involved in their event and feel reassured. In addition, the Lab Event solution creates a win-win relationship between providers and clients, allowing the former to have access to a large market and also allowing clients to have a considerable choice for their event.

Finally, the Lab Event solution allows a complete customization of your market place by giving you the possibility to create your own products but also to have access to new products!

The database, fundamental for a good CRM

It appears that a CRM and a databaseare destined to work together for any event agency. Without a consistent and quality database, a CRM is of little use. Conversely, without CRM, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to properly exploit customer data and take advantage of it. If both are used to good effect, then the benefits and spin-offs for the company will be considerable!