For an event planner, managing clients efficiently can quickly become complicated: between managing tasks, organization, unforeseen events… it is difficult to spend time managing relationships without affecting timelines.

However, if you want to ensure the success of your events, it is essential to establish good relations with its contacts. And the best way is to use software for event venues or agencies that will help you manage your prospects, customers and all your activities in one place.

The use of a CRM is a major asset and significantly improves the management of its events.

What is a CRM in event management?

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is simply a tool designed to manage and track the progress of all its customer relationships. A CRM is able to keep the different informationconcerning the customers and prospects of the company. This makes it possible to have a more precise follow-up in order to be able to offer them a service more adapted to their needs.

In event management, the use of a CRM allows you to optimize the data managementrelated to your participants, to manage reservations or to measure the performance of your events.

The tool can allow you to manage your different contacts (loyal customers, new customers, VIPs, participants, guests…) on the same platform. Data can be sorted to group customers.

Therefore, a CRM for events management makes your daily work easier. Whether you want to automate some tasks, track sales, maintain relationships with your prospects or manage your marketing campaigns, a CRM helps you manage your business and spend more time designing your events.

How to use an event management CRM ?

In event management, a CRM can be useful to ensure the smooth running of your events by keeping an overview of all your activities.

  • A better data management: a CRM has a centralized database that can store, manage and collect all information about your prospects and customers.
  • Acquisition: after identification, there is customer acquisition. To be profitable, a large number of customers must participate in the event. And to get them to participate, you need to use a good communication strategy.

Using event management CRM, the various customer profiles can be determined. Then send them a personalized message. With messages that match their profiles, recipients are more likely to participate in the event.

  • Satisfaction: If customers show an interest in your event, it is necessary to give them satisfaction. Tell them about the activities they can enjoy during your event. By using CRMs, you can better segment your guests’ expectations and give them satisfaction.
  • Loyalty: An event can have the objective of retaining customers. After your event, participants may become loyal customers of your company. To achieve this goal, the use of an event management CRM can also help you.

With its analysis tools, CRM can help you keep your database up to date. The data you have accumulated during the event can be used to determine your customers’ satisfaction rate.

Indeed, a satisfied customer will be more inclined to buy the products you offer in the future. For unsatisfied customers, you will be able to correct your previous mistakes during the next event you organize.

CRM software is an asset for your event business.
Lab Event offers a complete suite of tools and features to better manage your contacts and all the information related to your events on the same platform. This allows your teams to reduce their workload through better interactions between prospects, customers, participants, suppliers or partners.