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CRM software for reception halls is aimed at owners or managers of rental reception areas. These softwares bring a considerable optimization to the management of the site and the events which are organized there. They also integrate tracking and task automation tools that make organizing multiple events much easier. What do I need to know about CRM software for the reception area?


What is a CRM reception room?

The use of a computerized solution for the management of a reception hall represents a considerable potential for optimizing the results of owners of rental spaces. These digital tools also facilitate the processes of monitoring and organizing events on the site, particularly via checklists and function sheets. The CRM software reception room have been specifically developed in this sense, and integrate the essential features to better manage your reception area.

Some of these management solutions are hosted in the cloud, while others are offered as downloads for installation on a local computer. In all cases, it is the technical features that set a software apart from other solutions on the market.

Quels sont les avantages de l’utilisation d’un CRM pour salle de réception ?

A CRM for a reception hall must integrate a variety of essential tools to accompany the user in the organization of an event. Several features are offered for this purpose, and are available on most software in this category.

A manager of events

This feature is essential to efficiently manage a reception hall through a software. It allows you to register the events that you have contracted and that will be held on your site. This tool makes it easy for you to organize multiple events and manage your calendar and room availability. It also allows you to create your organizational schedules and track the progress of each project in real time. The event manager is therefore of particular importance in optimizing the organization and your workflow to ensure the best results on the big day.

A client manager

With this feature, you can easily register andmanage your customer database. It will allow you to prioritize your customers according to criteria of your choice, such as loyalty, budget, or geographical location. This classification will allow you to prioritize the availability of your room in case you receive several requests for rental on the same date. You can also use this segmentation to implement your sales and marketing strategies. Your customer database also allows you to find the information and contact details you need at any time during the organization of an event in your reception hall.

A partner manager

This feature has been designed to bring together your suppliers and providers in the organization of events. It allows you to classify these partners and structure them in an organizational framework. This tool greatly improves the efficiency and productivity of your team in organizing events in your reception hall. It can also be used to manage your relationship with your partners.

A product and inventory manager

Holding an event in your reception hall may involve organizing a cocktail party, a brunch or even a banquet. This is the case for seminars, exhibitions or family events such as weddings. You must have the necessary products to meet the needs of your clients and his guests. The product manager has been designed to facilitate the management of your stock by taking into account the number of people invited to an event at your reception site. Supplemented by information from the partner manager, this tool will also allow you to procure more easily.

A budget manager

Budget management is an essential feature in event planning. The tools dedicated to this purpose allow you to closely follow the movements on the assets and liabilities side of your project. The functions of the budget manager of a CRM reception room can also extend to the elaboration of estimates, the management of discounts and gratuities and the establishment of invoices. The combined operation with supplier and payment management provides an undeniable practical advantage over these CRM solutions.

Additional features

Apart from the basic functionalities, a reception room CRM can also offer a variety of additional tools to further facilitate the organization of events in reception rooms. Some software packages include tools for managing ticketing, payments, marketing campaigns, reservations, or even website and social network integration. Alerts and notifications are also interesting features to ensure a better follow-up of your organizational planning. Alerts and notifications are also interesting features to ensure a better follow-up of your organizational planning.

The advantage of the Lab Event solution for a reception room

By choosing the Lab Event solution for your reception hall, you have the best tool on the market to manage your event and the rental of your reception hall.

Whether you rent to individuals or to companies, our CRM tool is totally adapted to your needs.

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