Organizing an event cannot be done without the help of a software package. Between prospecting for clients, managing suppliers and marketing strategies, event organizers have a lot to think about. This is why a software package is necessary to help him in his organization.

A SaaS software package for its convenience

Event organizers love this type of solution because it is practical, flexible and efficient. Indeed, SaaS software packages can be accessed anywhere and on any computer medium.

The advantage of using a software package to manage the activity of event agencies is that it is accessible via the Internet. But also, the user no longer needs to install other software, as it integrates as a cloud tool. The security level is high. All your data will be well protected.

A specific software package for successful events

There are software packages specially designed for event organization on the market. They are characterized by their ability to organize the activities of an event from A to Z. Unlike SaaS, they can be installed on tablets, smartphones and computers. But generally, these are paid tools that give you a few days of free trials.

With the software package for the management of the activity of event agencies, you can manage all the activities of your event efficiently. In other words, the interface and functionality can be adapted to the size and type of project. It is possible to manage the contact of participants and service providers. But you can also have a dashboard to see the progress of tasks and even schedule the sending of invitations and communicate with your team.

A CRM solution for event-based companies

The tasks of event companies are numerous. Indeed, they must process all the requests, ensure the follow-up of the offers proposed to the customers (follow up if necessary), but also qualify the customers and the suppliers, and develop their loyalty. They also need to make sure they have a good communication strategy, provide feedback on all events, etc.

An event ERP is a solution that allows you to manage all these tasks so that each event is a success. It has many advantages, especially in the management of client and provider databases. Incoming applications will be processed as soon as possible.

This type of solution can be a real asset, because it is able to anticipate the processing of events. Each performance of the partners and suppliers will be monitored before, during and after the event. From the CRM tool, you can analyze the impact of an event and make new arrangements to improve future ones.

Lab Event is the only software package as complete in the field of events, combining the features of a CRM and an ERP while including a module of quotations and invoices allowing you to focus on a single platform.

In line with the objectives of the software packages, this centralization ensures efficient and much less time-consuming management.

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