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When organizing an event, you may need a specific software to organize and manage efficiently the activities and tasks to be done. However, the market is full of various solutions that claim to be effective in managing this type of project. To choose the one that will suit you best, here are the types of software that can help you.

CRM software

There are 2 main types of event management software on the market. The first being CRM solutions. It is a software for the management of events that will allow you to manage your customer relations efficiently. This software will build a database that you can consult at any time. This database is not only about your customers, but also about your suppliers, your leads and others.

A CRM software will also allow you to manage the communication with your clients in order to personalize the offers to propose them. It is a tool that has the ability to evolve over time and according to the relationship you have with your customers. It also allows you to approach your targets and potential clients with specific offers. In an era where personalization of the offer has become the main differentiation criterion for companies, the adoption of a CRM such as Lab Event seems to have become a necessity for companies.

Software to manage activities

It is a solution that will allow you to manage the tasks to be done to complete your event project. This type of event project management software allows you to plan the project, but also to manage the tasks of the teams, as well as the follow-up and reporting of the activities.

Depending on the needs of your customers and the objective of an event project, it is possible to adjust and adapt the software interface accordingly. Among other things, you will be able to establish a precise schedule of activities that can be shared with your employees and your client. You can also have a reminder or notification if a task is completed or to be done immediately.

It is also a solution that allows you to collect or consult directly the offers of the providers who can help you in the organization of an event. You can then contact them directly and ask for quotes, inquire about the completion of a task, etc.
This type of software is called ERP (Enterprise resource planning).

Advantages of using both CRM and project management software

CRM software is a project management solution that can help you efficiently manage the distribution of emails and the management of participants in an event. This can be an email that will be used to propose your service offers or to send invitations. It can also be a document sharing or a diary to efficiently carry out an event project.

An event project management software can also help you target the recipients of your messages, in order to send reminders about the date of an event or for the payment of an invoice.

CRM and ERP are totally complementary; they merge the management of your teams and your customers; thus you will benefit from a better management of these two parts thanks to this synergy. Moreover, the functionalities of one of these programs can be applied to the other, and this in both directions.

And finally, in the management of your event, these two types of software allow you to know the satisfaction of your customers in order to propose a better solution in the future.

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