When planning an event project, it is important to have an immediate reactivity and a good organization. It is essential to manage your leads well, but also to know and control your ecosystem of partners or suppliers. Find out why a successful event also requires event management software.

What is an event CRM software?

The CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a digital tool that allows the management of the customer relationship. It is a solution that can provide multiple benefits to organizers and managers of many events. This software allows you to efficiently manage thesales force by standardizing the work of a team. It also improves the quality of services.

An event-driven CRM also allows to manage contacts and events in a simple way. It helps to track quotes while customizing them, but also to ensure commercial exchanges. It is a tool that allows you to have a better knowledge of your clients in order to stand out from your competitors and to offer event services that are coherent with your clients’ objectives and activities.

What are the functionalities of a CRM software?

Using an event-based CRM provides access to several features including tools to manage data efficiently. It ensures the success of the event by managing thedatabases of customers, prospects, suppliers,etc. It also manages quotes and invoices while standardizing offers and mailings.

The automatic dunning of offers and the follow-up of tasks to be done is also facilitated thanks to the use of a CRM software. It allows you to manage agendas and incoming leads with an organization and prioritization of referrals and reminders if response times are exceeded. The use of this type of tool also allows for the follow-up of complaints and the distribution of roadmaps to internal teams.

What are the other advantages of a CRM software?

The use of a CRM tool for events for an event organizer guarantees the processing of incoming requests while ensuring the follow-up of offers. It allows you to effectively retain customers and qualify prospects, partners and suppliers.

By opting for its use, you will have the guarantee of a better communication with the guests, visitors and participants to an event. It also measures the performance of the event in terms of objectives, budgets, sales, participant satisfaction, etc. It also allows you to have a better visibility on the activity portfolios of your sales team.

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