The Heavent show is the “reference” show for the event industry, and Lab Event was there!

A show dedicated to events, after 2 years without a show because of covid

It had been almost 2 years since the show and the Heavent 2019 show.

We were already present at the time and we must admit that we missed meeting our customers and prospects!

A great success of our software with almost 200 interested people

During the 3 days of the show, our team was present to present you the Lab Event tool.

Demonstrations for agencies and event venues have been specially created for this show to introduce you to our software.

Lab Event selected at the Venus de l’Innovation

Our major innovation of the last months, Smart presentation has been selected at the Venus of Innovation!

What is Smart Presentation?

Smart Presentation is the revolutionary tool that will change the life of event agencies and venues!


By allowing them to generate automatic presentations with pre-filled dynamic fields such as the name of the client, the event, the number of people… and many more because you can create as many custom fields as you want on the tool!

“A unique opportunity to meet industry professionals”

This is my first time participating in Heavent. I could discover many actors of the sector during these 3 days.

It is quite impressive, the new technology was really at the heart of this show with various digital solutions offered to professionals of the event.

Lab Event is precisely one of these major solutions and our role was to demonstrate it to the professionals of the sector thanks to the demonstrations of the Lab Event tool that we had worked for the occasion, all with a smile and a good mood.



Cyrille, Lab Event intern

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