etapes pour organiser un evenement

Organizing an event is a task that requires attention and careful preparation. In the organization of each event, there are well-defined stages that ́ should not be neglected:

1- Define the objectives of the event: ask yourself why you want to do this event. The questions you will ask yourself allow you to set your objectives and measure the feasibility of your event.


2- Set a budget: In order to cover the cost of your event, it is essential to determine a budget. This is imperative to have the possibility to realize a good concept.


3- Choose a date and a place for the event: It is important to know that the choice of the date of the event has a great influence on its success. For example, opt for weekends instead of weekdays, or evenings instead of days to attract a large number of people. Also, make sure that the date of your event does not coincide with another important event.

Thus, to give a good image on your project, you must be careful in the choice of the place. Instead, choose a venue that is available to your audience and book it well in advance.


4- Start inviting: Once you have chosen the place and date of your event, it is time to make a list of your guests and invite them to your event. To make the invitation process easier, use online tools such as electronic invitation cards. Don’t forget to tell them the day, time and address.


5- Find your providers: After inviting, you need to find the right providers for your event. To do this, you must make a list of your needs in catering, speakers, photographers, decoration etc.


6- Planning the activities: Planning the activities of the event is an important step that consists in taking into consideration the interests of your guests.

7- Organize food and beverages: food and beverages are the mainstay of every event, you need to know how to garnish the buffets, what the clients’ preferences are and above all, plan a large quantity.

8- Consider a contingency plan: a back-up plan is the plan B you need to have. The unexpected never happens, which is why you should always have a plan for emergency situations such as a power outage.

9- Prepare the necessary documents: to organize your event, make sure you have all the documents such as licenses and permits at hand.