les avantages d´un logiciel évènementiel pour les salles de réception

We are in the middle of a technology boom where the use of software has become essential to organize our events in the rules of art. As a result, companies such as Lab Event have started to facilitate the tasks and ensure the success of event organizers. Thus to offer them comfort and spare them the heavy burden of organization that the old days had known especially that of the reception rooms.

Here are the advantages of the event software for reception halls:

1- Reservation management :

This software allows you to manage registrations and reservations at the time of your event, it offers users a reservation module that includes an online payment system.Our SaaS event software allows you to manage your reservations automatically.


2- Automation of tasks:

You are no longer able to control everything, such as payment reminders, booking confirmations, etc. The computer system consists of automating all tasks such as reservation management, coordination of service providers, scheduling, communication with customers, etc., without you having any control over it.


3- Client follow-up:

The CRM tool is a key element in the success of a reception hall. This software consists of following the customers throughout the organization of the event, including the request of the reservation. Customer tracking allows us to inform customers of any changes. Another feature of this software is the use of customer data to optimize the services that are offered by the reception hall.


4- Performance Management:

This software aims to improve the performance of the organization by stimulating the productivity of its associates. Its data is used to adjust employee expectations and goals, and with which the front office can increase its conversion rate.