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The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted many sectors for more than a year, all over the world. The different sectors of activity were closed for a more or less long period. They had to face many postponements, closures while trying to resist this difficult period. In France, the government has put in place an exceptional stimulus plan of 100 billion euros in order to allow multiple sectors to survive during these several months of closure and recovery, but also to recover the French economy in a rapid and sustainable manner. It is based on three major pillars: ecology, competitiveness and cohesion. In addition, this relaunch aims to allow companies to modernize and turn to the digital world. To do this, a Check France Numa has been set up. The latter is perfectly in line with the recovery plan set up by the French government and included in the decree of May 6, 2021. This check is eligible until June 30th and is a lump sum check This aid of 500€ allows VSEs with less than eleven employees to cover all or part of the expenses allocated to the digitization of the TPE. This government incentive is limited to 110,000 companies (over 25,000 companies have already benefited).


Before this crisis, the events and tourism sectors had been growing rapidly for several years, generating around 40 billion euros in business flows and employing around 350,000 people in France. These two sectors have been and still are mainly affected by this global pandemic. According to an article written on November 27, 2020 by Jean-Noël Escudié published on the BANQUE des TERRITOIRES website, 54% of congresses and trade shows were cancelled, 41% were postponed or transformed. According to the same journalist, more than 85% of festivals had to cancel their events last year. The check France Num is therefore an opportunity that must be seized in order to prepare for a recovery that promises to be strong in the very near future. The latter allows you to take advantage of this economic recovery put in place by government aid to modernize and be ready for all eventualities. This lump sum check also allows you to use our platform by spending the amount of the check. This period of transition and relaunch can allow you to better perceive the benefits and ease of use of our software.


LAB Event allows companies that use this software to increase their turnover thanks to an easier management of customers, the organization of more events in less time as well as a digitalization of your secure work. Indeed, it is the first ERP / CRM software and it is specially designed for the event industry. As for event agencies, office & congress conventions, hotels and meetings in France or event venues. Our Lab Event software is very complete since it allows you to make briefings, task managers, estimates and billing and much more. To meet all your needs, we also offer a trial session in which you can get to know the software while customizing it. It is also possible to make specific developments in order to correspond to all your requests and requirements. Of course, a follow-up and an assistance are allowed in order to adapt to your new requests, your evolutions. This platform also allows you to facilitate teamwork, even remotely. Finally, with the objective of productivity and evolution, we update the software every two weeks. This allows us to make the software even more complete to strengthen our position as a leading player in the event CRM market.


Marine, Gregoire, Laurent and many others are major players in their company and have confirmed that the simplicity of our Lab Event platform has made their way of working evolve by making it more intuitive with a more modern interface and by gathering all their information in one place. Their feedback is also very positive. Marine told us that the platform made her “dream” from the first presentation because of its simplicity of use and its ergonomics. As for Gregory, he really appreciated “that the software is really and completely customizable”. Finally, to develop a last opinion, that of Laurent, he finds that Lab Event is a very good complete tool in constant improvement, the CRM is very complete. We maintain a strong relationship with our clients to ensure an optimal and successful experience with Lab Event.