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Eventizor is a start-up that provides digital training for the events sector, including venues, agencies, service providers and all event stakeholders. It gives you all the necessary information to digitize and digitalize your structure.

Eventizor’s various digital training courses:

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The event industry is not very digitalized and digitized. This was not too much of a problem until 2020, we were primarily an area where the encounter was the focus.

But Covid19 changed everything

Today, the event industry must adapt. We all need to be present and visible on the web. We also need to have the right tools in-house to be more efficient.

The various solutions of creation of Sites or Software dedicated to the event:

software dedicated to events

In this period of profound upheaval, digital transformation is a priority issue for event agencies to face the health crisis by changing the way they work. However, thanks to state aid, your training can be paid for at 100%. Eventizor is here to help you with the administrative procedures so that your Eventizor training courses are financed by the State.

Lab Event X Eventizor is the assurance of an effective digitalization.